As freelance photographer I specialize in photographing music, nature, lifestyle, travel and architecture. I also have experience in shooting portraits and weddings. I am based in Stockholm (Sweden) and my company is registered through the Swedish Tax Agency.
You are most welcome to get in touch with me for questions regarding collaborations, scheduling a shoot, ordering prints or other issues. The easiest way is probably through e-mail or direct messaging on social media. 

Contact details 
Telephone: +46 72 844 33 01 
Address: Per Engström, Ringvägen 124, 11661 Stockholm, Sweden 

Other websites 
Many of my concert photos are published on music website Gaffa (, but I have a wider selection in my personal archive. 
Some photos can be found at sites such as Eyeem ( and various stock photography sites, although the quality will be better if bought directly from me. 
Digital copies with blockchain-certified authenticity are available through MakersPlace (​​​​​​​ 
One of my pictures is part of the premium art photo dealer Kolla's specially curated Stockholm collection, Kolla X Sthlm. You will find my photo at

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