Nature and landscape photography is a theme I constantly return to. The subjects surround all the time, sometimes as close-ups of the strange and fascinating shapes that make up nature and sometimes as landscape pictures of surroundings inviting us to adventure and exploration.
Massive roots
Setting sun
In the forests of Östergötland, Sweden
Sunset over Torneträsk
View from the lift in Whitewater
Snowfall in Fernie
Mt Mackenzie, Revelstoke, Canada
Misty mountains
Lush rice fields outside Magome
Longji rice terraces
Longji rice terraces
Small world
Autumn heather
Spiky beauty
Southern sunset
Framing a tree
Kungsleden, Kebnekaise
Kungsleden, Kebnekaise
Deep in the woods
First snow
Ice forming
Circular ice
Canyon in Abisko from above
Chamonix peaks
Ascending Spanstind
Ascending Spanstind
Lunch break with a view
Mountains and fjords outside Narvik
Out of bounds
View into Abisko National Park
Mountain birch
Rauks on Fårö
Coastal rauks on Northern Fårö
Flight of birds
Illuminated plants
Pink sakura
Cherry blossom
Thorny cluster
By the riverside
Feeding butterfly
Metallic fly
Abstract flower
Hepatica Nobilis
Yellow and blue
Symmetrical thorns
Zucchini flower
Keep this fire burning
Autumn leaves (Skanstull)
Japanese leaves
Soft and fluffy
Damselfly at dawn
Damselfly in the grass
Minimalist reeds
Christmas lights and snowflakes
Clearly transparent
Tears in the rain
Black swan
Hustle and bustle
Starry night in Åre
Super blood wolf moon over Stockholm
Årstaviken, Stockholm
Last outpost
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